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Careers APPLY

We are committed to capitalizing your investment and ensuring the financial futures of our investors and brands.

The Witness Group

The Witness Group: Our Mission

We invest, build, and manage hotels and real estate, with a focus on premium branded assets which deliver value and growth for our team, investors, and communities.


Promoting work-life Balance enables a clear mind and enables team members to grow as individuals while meeting the needs of our business, guests, and community.


Team members are Empowered by having the resources and autonomy to make informed decisions that lead to positive and accountable outcomes.


Service is not only defined by doing above and beyond for our guests and team members, but also for giving back to our community and the world we live in.


Transparency drives superior results by clearly defining expectation, delivering timely and accurate information, as well as receiving constructive performance feedback.

Core Values

THE WITNESS GROUP believes that success begins with a commitment to performing at our B.E.S.T. – Balance, Empowerment, Service, and Transparency.