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Careers APPLY

We are committed to capitalizing your investment and ensuring the financial futures of our investors and brands.

The Witness Group



Progressive Designs.
On Time, On Budget.

Purposefully Designed and Built Hotels

Experience | Innovation | Precision

Designing and Building Cutting-Edge
Properties Responsibly, On-Time and On-Budget

SpringHill Dayton Suites

With generations of experience in hotel construction and hotel construction management, we have the expertise and the vision that will bring your project to life and guarantee lasting success. Experience, Innovation, and Precision has enabled WITNESS Construction to deliver high quality, cutting-edge properties on-time and on-budget.


Our 25+ years of real estate construction experience, focused on strong relationships, has been the cornerstone of our success. Through longstanding partnerships with local and national vendors, we are able to deliver reliability and value to our stakeholders.


WITNESS Construction is continually looking for opportunities to evolve with the newest materials, design approaches, aesthetic trends, and technology to deliver projects that offer a competitive edge while remaining fiscally responsible.

Witness Construction is viewed as a true value-add.?We are able deliver projects that go beyond industry design standards, while adhering to a responsible budget.


We thrive in the details, allowing us to anticipate and mitigate risk throughout the project life-cycle. As a result of a detailed emphasis on site planning and execution, our projects stay on schedule, scope, and within budget.